Robot Teaches Gulfport Youngters Self Esteem

A 668 pound machine taught Gulfport students some lessons about self esteem.

Gizmo D. Robot made appearances at several schools Tuesday, including Gaston Point Elementary.

The interactive program teaches children about the importance of taking care of their bodies and staying away from things like drugs and alcohol.

Gizzmo entertains and educates his young audience. The children pay close attention to his every move and his positive lessons about living.

"Did you see the kids give me a hug? It's terrific. And what it teaches them is just because something looks different, doesn't mean you can't treat it with respect. And that's a big part of the program," said Gizzmo.

The talkative machine seems to enjoy teaching children about the importance of self respect and self esteem.

His lesson involves telling the kids their bodies are "million dollar machines" that need special care and attention.

"What we do is we teach kids that their body is a million dollar machine.  And especially when that message comes from a machine it makes a lot more sense. But the truth is, they're worth a lot more than I am.  Because like I told them in the program, I can be built and re built.  But these kids, they can never be built again."

Gizzmo emphasized the "golden rule" during his lesson at Gaston Point Elementary. The robot's appearance was funded by a grant from the "Safe and Drug Free Schools" program.