Massachusetts Residents Deliver Goods To Waveland Storm Victims

Two large loads of recovery supplies were delivered to Waveland Monday by some kind hearted people from Westport, Massachusetts.

The merchandise included hand tools, power tools, musical instruments and computers. The group is even giving away the van and station wagon they used to bring the supplies to South Mississippi.

Organizers say the supplies that were donated by residents of Westport are designed to lift the spirits of Waveland residents trying to rebuild their homes after Katrina.

"It really bothered me that Mississippi wasn't getting any coverage. I knew that If I could take care of myself, a woman with four brothers and a sister, I could learn some extra skills to help myself, I knew there were other people down here like me. So I came up with the theme 'Helping pull themselves up by the bootstraps,'" Westport resident Cynthia Raposa said.

The supplies will be distributed by the relief organization, "The Giving Circle." The van and Volvo station wagon will be given to individuals or an organization that will put them to good use.