Lease Problems For Jackson County

Jackson County is tardy in making property lease payments to the Jackson County School Board. Records released at a school board meeting Monday show the county owes $71,992 in overdue 16th section lease payments on county-used property.

School trust lands must be used be used for the benefit of public education. Some of the debt goes back three years, although state law says a lease agreement can be terminated after a 60-day default. ``They're not just late, they're delinquent,'' said school board member Randal Turner. ``If they're not going to pay, we need to lease that to somebody else.'' Supervisors were sent a letter of notification from the school board Nov. 9.

Thirteen lease agreements are in default status, according to school board records. Only two of the properties leased to the county are paid in full. Some of the properties in default include the East Central Golf course, the East Central Soccer Field, and the St. Martin Fire Station Training Area.