Gulfport Man Charged With Second Broadmoor Murder

A Gulfport man is now charged with a second murder in the Broadmoor neighborhood. Monday, Gulfport police filed a second capital murder charge against Mark Alan Henegan. That's in connection with the death of retired coast attorney Anthony Caranna.

Caranna was found dead inside his home on Pine Street Sunday. Henegan is also charged with beating death of Mrs. Delphia Fitts. The killing happened last Wednesday.

People in the area say Henegen grew up in the neighborhood and knew both victims.

Mark Henegan sits in the Harrison County Adult Detention Center without bond, but that isn't keeping people from standing guard.

"I've been keeping all my doors locked before dark. And I don't ever go out the house after dark unless I'm out here in the front yard and I'm out here with my dog. But I'm always looking behind my back in the daytime, because it happened in the daylight hours, like at one o'clock in the evening and that's scary," says Mayzell Hancock.

Hancock has lived in the Broadmoor neighborhood for almost seven years. She says, like both victims, she knows Mark Henegan, the man now charged with killing two of her neighbors.

Russell Bradford lives next door to Hancock and unlike his neighbor, this 30 year resident of the Broadmoor area says he isn't afraid.

Gulfport Police Chief Alan Weatherford doesn't want people to worry.  He says that officers have stepped up patrols and the chief says it is up to the community to look out for each other.

"If you haven't seen your neighbor, check on your neighbor get to know your neighbor. I think that's what makes a difference and I think that's what helped in this investigation because some of the neighbors looked out for one another," says Chief Weatherford.

In response to the killings, the Gulfport Police Department will host a "Special Partners with Police" meeting Wednesday, November 29. The meeting will be at the park on Broadmoor Place from 4:30 to 5:30. Chief Weatherford says the goal of the meeting is to address residents' concerns about the recent murders.