Christmas Tree Lots Look To See Lots Of Green For A Money-Making Christmas

In Biloxi, there's no shortage of customers ready to take home the perfect Christmas tree.

"Today we've had a steady stream and we have an occasional burst every now and then of just a bunch of people and it gets real hectic around here. Around 6:00 tonight we'll have a bunch ofolks up here," says Chris Stansbury, a worker at the lot.

That means workers at the Robert Anderson Christmas Tree Lot off Popps Ferry Road will stay quite busy through the holiday season.  The lot is full of fragrant Frasier Furs and Blue Spruce Christmas Trees. Customer Janey Johnson and her daughter Carly come for a mother/daughter tradition, picking out the perfect tree for Christmas.

"We like to do it right after Thanksgiving so we can enjoy it longer, and it makes the house smell so good," says Janey Johnson, customer.

They decided to take home a Christmas tree about eight feet tall.  Mom says it's daughter Carly who's makes the ultimate decision on what to take home.

"Well like Momma says it's depending on what it looks like and how fat and how tall," says Carly Foss, Johnson's daugther.

The trees range from $40 dollars to about $145 dollars.   The owner says he didn't order as many trees as he used to before Katrina, but says this year crop is selling quite well.  Other trees expected to sell well are Flock trees or trees covered with a protective powder.  They are a popular pick on the lot.

"When we flock them it makes them last a little bit longer, and some people keep them till Mardi Gras and paint them purple and gold and green and dress them up for Mardi Gras and New Years. And people do all kinds of good stuff with them," says Stansbury.

The owner says within the next week customers will be able to find a variety of colored trees at his lots.  With a steady stream of customers like this mother and daughter duo coming through, it looks as if this Christmas Tree lot will have a steady flow of green making for a very merry money-making Christmas.