Family Spends Thanksgiving Weekend Rebuilding Biloxi Home

Mudding sheetrock isn't what comes to mind when you think about spending Thanksgiving weekend with the family. But that's just what the Smith family is doing.

"My family's come from all points. From Boston, my brother Bob, my nephew Stan has come in from Moorehouse in Atlanta and my neice and nephew and my brother from St. Louis are here."

And the list goes on. Biloxi resident Jim Smith goes on to list even more relatives that are here to rebuild a home for Onchella Bell and her granddaughter, Nikel.

Nikel suffers from cerebral palsy and relies on her grandmother for everything. That's one reason this project was so special to the Smith family.

Motivational Speaker and local radio host Greg Smith has a disability of his own, so his family knows first- hand why it's so important to have an accessible home.

"What I'm especially happy about is it's a family that includes someone with a disability. The bottom line is we're able to help this family. It's the second house that my family has rebuilt."

The first, was a home for Onchella's mother, who recently died of cancer.

Onchella says, "We were wanting to get her back in her house one more time, and they did. She got to stay in there maybe like 2 weeks or 3. Now Mr. Smith is trying to help me, get me and my grandbaby in our house. And I'm just so grateful and so happy that they're trying to help me."

Jim Smith just wants to get Onchella and Nikel home as soon as possible.

"I think we can get this one wrapped up in about a week, and get them back in their home. And that's really important, to get family back together."

Once the Smiths finish their work on the house, the Bell family will still need furniture and appliances. If you'd like to help, you can call the Smiths at 228-235-1179.