Keesler Federal Credit Union Warns Of Email Scam Targeting Members

Officials at Keesler Federal Credit Union say they had to close two accounts this week because of several apparent scams targeting members through e-mail.

Officials say members and non-members have contacted them about receiving fraudulent e-mails claiming to be from the credit union. The e-mails link members to websites, officials say look similar to the Keesler Federal Credit Union's home page and ask for information on accounts, pin numbers, and social security numbers.

Credit Union leaders say just this week they've tracked down 12 of these fraudulent sites.

"As we are being notified of the websites, the fraudulent websites, our fraudulent technology department is in the process of having those websites closed down," Keesler Federal Credit Union CEO Scotty Broom said.

"Beyond the quarterly news letter articles that we've already sent out about being aware of phishing attempts, we're going to send out in the next couple of days a special notice to our membership notifying them that you need to be very cautious."

Keesler Federal officials say they've managed to get eight websites shut down.

They stress that financial institutions never ask customers for account numbers, because they already have that information.

The credit union is asking members who receive the fraudulent emails to forward them to