East Biloxi Woman Counts Recovery Blessings

Work is nearly finished on the wood frame home at 334 Fayard.

As the siding crew gives the front a fresh look, its owner reflects on returning home, just two days after Katrina.

"Everything was just gone. Gone. Everything was soaking wet. You can imagine. Seven feet of water in the house. Everything was just gone," said Daisy Guyton, recalling the story while visiting on the front porch.

"The furniture was upside down. Everything was just, the ceiling had fallen and the chandelier was hanging. It was just devastating. It was like looking at my mother in her coffin. I could not believe what I was seeing," she said, her voice cracking with the emotions that returned.

Fifteen months later, it's hard to believe the remarkable recovery at the Guyton home.

"Well, this is my new home. And we've been in here about four, four and a half months. Just enjoying it. Of course we wouldn't be in here if it wasn't for the volunteers that have come into my home," she said, giving visitors a tour of the newly remodeled home.

This feisty woman has been actively involved in the ongoing recovery in East Biloxi. That led to a special moment with a certain frequent visitor, President Bush.

"I had never. I'm 74 and had never met a President of the United States in person. So this was a pleasure for me. An honor to meet the President of the United States in person. And he was very cordial," she said, proudly clutching the picture of her and the president.

While her house is nearly finished, Daisy Guyton longs for the day everyone on her street can return home.

"And this is what I'm looking forward to. People getting back in their homes. And when I see them working on my street, then I know my neighbors will be coming back soon. It's a blessing. Just a blessing," she said.

The longtime resident never thought twice about rebuilding on Fayard Street.

"I have just been so blessed. So blessed. So blessed. And I am so happy to be back in my home."

It's a Thanksgiving to remember at 334 Fayard Street.