Patrice Clark Reports On Free Furniture Giveaway In Jackson County

They lined up early the windy, chilly morning didn't discourage them.

Inside this Pascagoula warehouse are furnishings to help people rebuild their lives, and it's all ending up in the hands of Katrina victims.

"We are receiving beds today, bedroom sets for three of our children, they are giving us tables and a student desk," Jackson County Resident Angela Jeter says.

"Yeah it is brand new good type material, well condition material, we are really pleased with it," Alabama Resident Ron Cubitt says.

The smiles are thanks enough for volunteers like Tammy Agard from Mississippi Home Again Organization.

"It's not like you just lost a stove or lost a couch, you lost everything in your whole house, and the value that this gives financially is, yes, a tremendous assistance," Tammy Agard says.

"It is all free, it is all done with volunteer labor and time and donations."

Angela Jeter is grateful for the gifts, she just finished renovating her home.

"We were about to get in more debt and finance something, but God works in his way and he sent people to us and that brought us here."

Katrina flooded the home where Gomez Dethloff lives for 60 years.

Dethloff is ready to move back in, and brought his son in law along to help him load these special house warming gifts.

"I want to thank them, and it has been a blessing to me," Jackson County resident Gomez Dethloff says.

"They are a bunch of angels.  That's what they are, and they have been so good to him and me both," Cobitt says.

And that giving spirit has given everyone here a little more to be thankful for this year.

"Katrina is bigger than anybody, any person, any individual, and it's important for people to give and constantly give," Agard says.

The Free Furniture Giveaway is held every Wednesday.

So Far the Mississippi Home Again Organization has given out more than 50 thousand dollars worth of supplies to Jackson County Residents.

If you are in need of furniture or other supplies go to the Operation TLC Volunteer Center in Pascagoula on Pascagoula Street to pick up a needs assessment form.