Moss Point PD Nabs Murder Suspect

Another suspect in a month old Moss Point murder case was arrested Tuesday. Keli Rabon talked with the suspect's family members and police, who say this case is far from over.

"We found Latarance hiding in a closet inside the home," Moss Point Police Chief Demetrius Drakeford says.

At about 11 p.m. Monday night, Moss Point police nabbed 20-year old Latarance Barnes at his home on Kimberly Drive. He was the 4th suspect in the Moss Point murder of 16 year old Yvette Dot.

"By being the suspect's family, we would have thought they would have came to us first," close friend Cecily Rankin says.

But Chief Demetrius Drakeford says Barnes involvement was clear.

"We knew that he was directly involved, we knew that he has a very vital role in the investigation," Drakeford says.

What started out as a robbery on October 13th, took a turn for the worse. The homeowner at 3520 Kimberly Drive confronted the people he thought robbed his home. The result? Sixteen-year-old Yvette Dot was killed.

"She was not directly involved in the incident," Drakeford says.

Police have since arrested these men: 17-year-old Nicholas Barnes, 18-year-old Nathaniel Coleman - both charged with murder - and 18-year-old KDarius Lee as an accessory.  Police say with some help, Latarance Barnes was hiding at home.

"We do not condone anyone hiding out fugitives, when we have let it be known that they are fugitives. I can assure you that whomever it was, was directly involved in harboring the suspect, we'll be visiting them," Drakeford says.

And that's just what happened hours later, as I was interviewing the Barnes family.

"Ok when she gets in will you tell her to call the Chief of Police? I need to talk to her, it's urgent," Drakeford told family members of Lily Barnes.

Barnes' mother, Lily, later turned herself in to police. Investigators believe she helped her son hide over the past five weeks.

Family members don't deny their brother's involvement, but say this case isn't closed.

"They have four or five people in custody right now. But they only have two people in custody right now that really have something to do with it. They left out three of the shooters," Rankin says.

Bond was denied to Latarance Barnes at a preliminary hearing Tuesday. Lily Barnes was released on bond.