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Former Stone County Sheriff Hired As Gulfport Patrolman

If you've been Christmas shopping in Gulfport lately, you might have noticed Steve Compston on patrol. As part of his new jobs as a patrolman, he's been working shifts making sure shoppers stay safe. Compston says he's enjoyed getting out from behind a desk and back on the streets.

"Being more hands on with the public, being able to actually have contact with the people on a day to day basis instead of so much administration" were reasons he gave for enjoying his new position.

Compston resigned as Wiggins Police Chief on Oct. 1, following disagreements with the new Wiggins Mayor. Before that, he wore a brown uniform as Stone County Sheriff for four years. He was defeated in 1999 by then Wiggins Police Chief Mike Ballard.

Working as a patrolman, he says, is not a step down. In fact, he says he hopes working for the second largest city in the state will teach him some new things.

"I've already learned some things, seen some new technology and hopefully, will learn and see more that will benefit me in my law enforcement career in the future," Compston said.

And what is in his future? Compston says another run for Stone County Sheriff is not out of the question.

"Right now, it's not on my agenda. My agenda is to serve the people of Gulfport and do the best job down here as I can and learn as much as I can. Who knows, maybe one day I will be back there."

At least until the election in 2003, Compston says you should expect to see him on patrol on the streets of Gulfport. Compston will soon be working as part of the Gulfport Police Department's new airport division.

By Amanda Jones

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