After 25 Years Biloxi Business Moves To New Address

After a quarter of century a Biloxi business is moving to a new address. On Saturday the owners of Desporte Seafood in Biloxi packed up their 25 years worth of memories. The shop is moving to make way for the city's plan to widen Caillavet.

The owners say the store they built on Division Street has more room for employees and more parking for customers. Most of all they're happy to finally put an end to four years of squabbling with city hall.

"It's been crazy around here and it's time to get over this and get back to normal," Artie Desporte said.

"I'm sure there's people that think there's hard feelings," owner Junie Desporte said. "Life goes on, and I feel like water under the bridge and we're just going to make it and be happy."

Desporte Seafood will open for business Monday at its new location on Porter Avenue and Division Street.

By Danielle Thomas