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Hurley Church Feeds Hundreds At Thanksgiving Lunch

Hundreds of people in need of hot meal received one Thursday at a Thanksgiving luncheon at Magnolia Springs Assembly of God in Hurley. The dinner was sponsored by dozens of volunteers across South Mississippi.

"I think my favorite is the dressing, even though I was serving the potatoes," volunteer Bennie French said.

"The food was the best today because a lot of love went into it," organizer Helen Edwards said.

This luncheon was not just about the eating food, but also fellowship with one another.

Edwards said her goal was to make sure everybody was full and happy.

"I believe this is a season more people get lonely and depressed and they want to commit suicide, so the Lord laid on our heart to be a blessing.

"I believe we had more than 50 turkeys, more than 40 hams, I think it is like 50 cans of beans, oh goodness, potatoes."

And the whole meal was free of charge for anyone who wanted to take part. That's because organizers say it is better to give than to receive.

"You can't out give God. The more you give, the more God is going to give back to you."

Volunteer Bennie French and his Acadian Ambulance partners agree.

"Self satisfaction is what we get out of this," French said. "It just a way we can give back. I will commit for next, year we will be here."

That dedication makes Alabama resident Sean Stewart thankful.

"People sweated for this and by the Grace of God they were able to feed as many people as they fed," Stewart said.

The meal made good impression on all.

"It was really good, and I'm hoping to get back in line for seconds," Stewart said.

Volunteers also delivered meals to the people who could not attend the luncheon. This is the 12th year the Thanksgiving feast was held.

By Patrice Clark

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