Hood: New Congress Good For State's Insurance Lawsuit

State Attorney General Jim Hood says the change in Congress has insurance companies concerned.

He says the State of Mississippi still has a civil case pending against insurance companies that denied damage claims from Hurricane Katrina. Hood says the State has been stalled in Federal Court, but that could change.

"The insurance companies are concerned that people will really realize how they operate. We will have sunlight in there. Gene Taylor, Bennie Thompson, they're going to begin investigations of the insurance companies," Hood said.

"What was great also, Senator Lott got that second in command position on the Senate side and we're going to get to the bottom of it. We're going to bring the insurance companies and meet with them Monday and hopefully we will be able to move it forward. Make them pay want they owe."

Hood says he wishes he could speed up the process, but wants South Mississippians to be patient.