Gulfport Woman Asks For A Roof, Gets A Whole New House

Mary Parker wasn't asking for much, just a few simple repairs. But thanks to a group of generous volunteers, she's now getting much more than she imagined.

"She came in and asked if we can put a new roof on her house," Judy Bolton with Bethel Disaster Relief remembered. "So as soon as I could, I got some construction assessors down here to look at that house. When they got here they said, 'This house has mold. This family has to get out of here.'"

Not only was there mold, but Parker's floor was caving in and the walls were falling apart. Bolton and volunteers from Bethel Disaster Relief knew they had to act quickly.

"We set up an adoption program where we would have people from all over the country adopt her."

People from all across the county soon learned about Mary's story when CNN's Anderson Cooper featured her on his nightly news program "Anderson Cooper 360." Bob Hanney with New Castle Industries remembers watching that broadcast.

"I saw on television, she was just talking and tears were coming out of my eyes and I called Kevin up and said, 'I don't know if this will make you happy or not, but we have to go to Mississippi and build a lady a house,'" Hanney said.

And that's just what his crew is doing. Hanney, along with several other contractors, will rebuild Mrs. Parker's house from start to finish.

"I thank God for it... every night," Parker said.

"I've been watching them going and coming and I've been sitting in there and trying to keep out of there way. I kept on praying for God to send someone and He did," Parker said.

Volunteers and contractors came all the way from upstate New York to help build the new house. They hope to have Mrs. Parker moved in by February.