Biloxi Soaked By Seven Inches Of Rain

Kay Zbysinski stood on her porch, stared at another downpour, and prayed her home wouldn't get flooded again.

"It's just so sad," she said.

Just weeks after finishing Hurricane Katrina home repairs, flood waters covered Pinewood Drive again, and they splashed against her porch.

"The neighbor next door called and said, 'Mrs. Zbysinski, we called to see if you're all right, because the water was coming in your door,'" she remembered.

Zbysinski's worst fear came true. The floor in her laundry room got wet.

Her councilman got mad.

"I have had engineers assure me, swear that everything was going to work good," Tom Wall said. "And as you can see, it didn't work."

Two new buildings built by the coliseum are directly next door to Mrs. Zybsinski's neighborhood. During this deluge, water rushed off the parking lot, over a drainage ditch, and into neighboring yards. A neighbor who took Councilman Wall on a tour of the mess said, "It makes me mad. It really does."

The way engineers described this drainage system to Councilman Wall, any water that went into a drainage ditch was supposed to go around into two newly created retention ponds on the west side of the buildings. But Councilman Wall said that system wasn't 100 percent finished. And he figured that's probably why the neighborhood off of Beauvoir Road ended up under water.

"We've got to get a curb put on that [parking lot], so that water can't run this way," he said.

Coliseum director Bill Holmes said that was already in the works. He also said the drainage system actually did its job.

"All of our systems are working. The retention ponds overflowed," said Holmes.

He blamed that on "so much water" that fell in so little time, giving the system no time to empty rainwater into the Mississippi Sound.

That was little consolation to Pinewood Drive neighbors who've experienced more than their share of flooding incidents in the 40 years they've lived there.

"Here we go again," Mrs. Zbysinski said. "It's been terrible."

The relentless rains paralyzed several sections of Biloxi. Pumps had to be brought to Balmoral Avenue to carry flood waters away from the west Biloxi homes in that neighborhood.

Downtown Biloxi also got hammered. The storm snapped tree limbs near the Biloxi library. And it blew a tarp of city hall's roof. Consequently, boxes stored inside city hall got soaked. And hallway floors constantly had to be mopped.