Former Ingalls Workers Laid Off

The Northrop Grumman Avondale shipyard near New Orleans is laying off 55 workers recently transferred from the company's sister Ingalls shipyard in Pascagoula. Northrop Grumman Ship Systems spokesman Den Knecht says layoff notices, which are effective this week, were sent to 45 painters and 10 carpenters.

The workers were among 250 employees transferred from Ingalls to Avondale earlier in November after work on the Project America cruise ship program ended. Knecht says the laid-off employees' work at Avondale had been completed and there were no projects for them at Ingalls. Knecht says that Avondale is continuing to hire such skilled craftsmen as welders and shipfitters.

The workers were offered the Avondale jobs after they were laid off in late October when Ingalls stopped construction on a Project America cruise ship for American Classic Voyages. American Classic Voyages, the parent company for Project America, filed for bankruptcy protection on October 19th.