Third Ever ShedHed Blues Festival

Gulfport Resident Gene Norris says there's nothing like the blues.

"Well, the blues just tell the story about life. Everyone can relate to it. All the stories relate to somebody," Norris says.

The Shed Barbecue owner, Brad Orrison, thinks it's a celebration of life.

"Some people sing the blues because they've had a bad thing happen or something, but a lot of people listen to the blues because it's kind of uplifting," Orrison says.

The music gave many of south Mississippi survivors, like Vivian Ward, a chance to kick back, and enjoy life after Katrina.

"No matter how badly we have it, we've been reminded with all the workers coming in after Katrina, with all the hope that we've been given, that as blue as we can be, we always have tomorrow to look forward to. And the barbecue is just langiappe on top of that," says Ward.

And with the Shed Barbecue hosting the festival, there was plenty of barbecue on hand. The Shed's Linda Orrison says they're just pleased to see so many people enjoying the day.

"Today is all about the Gulf Coast coming back. We've got life here and we have people that just want to have a good time," says Linda Orrison.

Legendary Coco Robicheaux headlined this year's festival. Other artists included Henry Gray, Big Joe Turner, and Eden Brent.