D'Iberville Looking For Waterfront Developers

Moving a temporary bathroom built after the hurricane proved to be quite a challenge for the Seymour boys. But they were up to it, just like they were right after Katrina, when they put their D'Iberville seafood plant back together.

Paul Seymour said, "It's the only thing I know. I've got to get up and going."

Seymour is co-owner of Seymour and Sons Seafood. He's working with his brothers to rebuild their back bay property. Because it's in D'Iberville's waterfront zoning district, it's considered a prime piece of real estate.

When asked whether he would ever sell his land to a condo or a casino developer, Seymour laughed and said, "The jury is still out."

Seymour may not have reached a verdict yet. But other neighbors in the southeast section of D'Iberville have. Mayor Rusty Quave has been told many of the properties just west of the Seymours have options on them to be sold. Quave said the city's recently approved zoning overlay district "will give them the opportunity to sell a $30,000 lot for up to $300-400,000."

D'Iberville's mayor sees the day when a mixture of homes, shops, condos and casinos create a French Market feel along his city's eastern waterfront. Quave said the zoning reclassification should help struggling property owners just north of the Seymours.

"This gives those people the opportunity to build their lives back together again," he said.

So far, the Seymours don't have a deal. So they're rebuilding a seafood plant their dad opened in 1972.

"We've been working here all of us since we were kids," Paul Seymour said. "It's what we do. Whether it makes it or not, who knows."

D'Iberville created its zoning overlay at the request of homeowners near Race Track Road. Once they realized their properties were within 800 feet of the back bay, and therefore legal gaming land, many of them figured selling was a better option than rebuilding.