New Highway for Harrison County

The new road will be called Highway 605. It will extend from Highway 67 South, going under I-10 and connecting with Highway 90 at Cowan-Lorraine Road. The state will also four lane Highway 67 from Biloxi to Highway 49 at Saucier. Highway 605, an extension of the Cowan/Lorraine widening, is being called a journey of progress. The eight mile stretch will cost 24 million dollars and help ease traffic between Gulfport and Biloxi. Harrison County District 5 Supervisor, Connie Rockco says, "The evolution of this once rural county country road will now make the travel for the citizens of Harrison County safer and easier."

Highway Commissioner Wayne Brown says the road wouldn't be possible without funding from gaming, and the state and federal governments. "North of I-10 we're going to spend roughly $130 million and South of I-10 on Cowan/Lorraine Road that's roughly 100 million dollars, so somewhere between 200 and 250 million dollars because we still have right of way to buy, we still have contracts to let so when we're all through, we're gonna be of shoutin' distance of a quarter of a million dollars on these roads on the Missississippi Gulf Coast."  Brown says that's money well spent since the coast desperately needs new roads. He says we're lucky to get it since other areas in Mississippi could use more routes just as much as we could. "But I must say everybody recognizes the tremendous need that we have here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and also this great economic engine down here that's plying a great many tax dollars into the coffers in Jackson."

Gulfport's mayor pledged that while the state is doing its part to build more roads, the city will too by widening Dedeaux Road and improving Three Rivers Road. Mayor Ken Combs says, "The worse problem we have on the coast is we're linear, and usually our linear roads run into dead ends. The sooner we can get circular motion on this gulf coast, 360 degrees the better off we're gonna be."  We'll find that out beginning in 2003, when Highway 605 is scheduled to open.