Officer Turned Down By Moss Point

Moss Point aldermen have refused to pay $13,000 in legal fees accrued by a patrolman fired for allegedly sabotaging a police computer in 1999. Patrolman Larry Lee had sought the payment. Lee was never indicted for a crime and was reinstated to his job after being reprimanded by the board of aldermen.

``I didn't know where this was going to go so I wanted the best representation I could get,'' Lee told aldermen Tuesday before they voted against the request. Lee said he borrowed money from the bank for an attorney. He said he is unable to repay the money. ``I wrestled with this thing ever since it came up,'' said Alderman John Welch, who voted to deny payment. ``Basically, I think you brought this on yourself. You're a grown man. I can't honestly vote to pay your bills.''

After the meeting, Lee said he had not expected the city to pay the bill. Lee has been a Moss Point patrolman since 1996.