It's A Party With Paint In Pearlington

There was a party going on in Pearlington Sunday afternoon with some interesting party favors... a few paintbrushes to be exact.  The party was a family affair where cousins, brothers and nephews among others were the party guests.

"I invited them to the PPPP. The Pearlington Palace Painting Party," says Wallace Boudet, Pearlington Resident.

Joyce and Wally (Wallace) Boudet were the party hosts for this family affair.  Family member stopped by to help paint the Boudet's newly rebuilt home.

"We moved here six years ago and this was going to be our retirement home," says Wallace Boudet.

That was before Hurricane Katrina came through and destroyed the Boudet's home. With the help of volunteers from across the nation they were able to get most of their home rebuilt. And now with the help of family they're one step closer to making their newly rebuilt house a home once again.

For cousin Terry Gagliano it was a home that brought so many memories to this close knit-family.

"Always had a great time going fishing, going watching everybody water ski down the Bayous and the rivers and catching crabs in the crab trouts... just had a great time everytime we would come down here," says Gagliano.

And Joyce and Wally say that through the fun times and hard times, their family remains a solid pillar of strength.

"It's fantastic. But it's nothing short of what we really could expect. Because family's always been very supportive with everything we did," says Wally Boudet.

"We just family oriented. This is it," says Joyce Boudet.

And cousin Terry can tell why as well but he'll tell you with a more humorous twist.

"We're just one big happily, loving, caring, sharing, participating family and I think I've exhausted all of those adjectives," says Gagliano.

Whether painting.... hammering or putting the finishing touches on the trimmings, the Boudet's say it's a family that not only party's together... but stands together that makes a difference.

But family members shouldn't put away their party hats just yet... because another celebration is right around the corner.

"When the house is ready, the first thing we'll do is to have everybody over again... hopefully a little more comfortably. They'll be down for the grand opening."

By: Krystal Allan