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A Perspective On The Brutal Campaign Season

Traditionally, it's only fitting this year has been a brutal campaign season.

"There's no question this has been a tougher election, it's a typical sixth year in an eight year, two term presidency traditionally, historically the party of the president in that sort of situation has difficulty."

Senator Trent Lott thinks one of the main reason incumbents are struggling, is the ongoing War in Iraq.

"There's no question that the Iraq War, people are worried about it and it has influenced their thinking."

But Lott says he still doesn't now what to expect Tuesday.

"I really can't predict right now. The last polling numbers I saw Friday morning showed three senate races, not within the margin of error, tied. I mean like 47 - 47. You just don't get any closer than that. And when they're that close any little thing can tilt it one way or the other."

With thirty-four years of experience on Capitol Hill, close races are nothing new for this veteran lawmaker. What is new, however, is the level of negativity on the campaign trail.

"It's been negative, and people complain about it and don't like it - and I don't like it. But the other side of it is, people will tell you and the pros will tell you it works."

Lott says he hopes whoever ends up controlling Congress will find a way to put aside their partisanship, and work together.

"It's one thing to have partisan fights but in the end you have to do things for the people. That's what you're there for. And I hope that maybe we can find a way to have... I don't know if you can even say less partisanship, but at least find a way to work together. And if we don't, the people are going to let us hear about it. Maybe that's what this election is about."

Lott says he's seen several close elections through the years. He thinks voters are generally influenced by the final seventy-two hours leading up to election day.

by Meggan Gray

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