Pass Christian Political Rally Filled With Song

It wasn't your typical political rally. There were speeches, but they were brief.

"I'm a warrior for this state, I get passionate, and I get mad, and I don't mind kicking a few bureaucratic fannies in Washington D.C."

Instead, families who came to show their support for Senator Lott mostly enjoyed music and fellowship. Much of the music was provided by Senator Lott himself, along with Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr and Harrison County Supervisor Connie Rockco. Pass Christian resident Ouida Tanner was one of the many spectators.

"It was a lot of fun. It was like family, you know? I especially enjoyed the music, it was just down to earth people." June Moran says it reminded her of the good old days. "It's an old fashioned type of political rally the kind that I enjoyed when I was younger."

And like those old fashioned rallies, many people simply showed up to say thanks - like Pass Christian's Arthur Bolte.

"He's done a transmuted amount, and it helps to have a little influence in Washington," Dane Reid of Ocean Springs says. "We're pretty firm believer in what Senator Lott stands for. He's a good man and we both feel that he ought to stay; he's done a lot for the coast."

But Senator Lott would argue, he was just doing his job.

"It makes me feel humble quite frankly, that they would express their appreciation for what we've done but I was just doing my job for the people I love the most that have been great to me."