Bayou Tours At Gulf Island National Seashore Returns

"I consider it a nursery," says volunteer tour guide Gerry Carroll.

She has unique view of life on Davis Bayou.

"Yeah, I'm not sure what kind of fish that is," says Carroll examining the tiny catch one of her guests netted. "But it's a baby something."

Not everything here is so small and innocent.

"You can see where the grass is matted down," says Carroll pointing to the marshes. "That's one of the places the alligator likes to hang out."

But everything here is worth a closer look, for the people on the Gulf Islands National Seashore John Boat Bayou Tour.

"These are free tours for the public to get out and explore our bayou," says Park Ranger Terry Wildy. "We have Stark Bayou and Halsted Bayou that we're going up and were checking out things like alligators, birds, we're catching a few fish in our nets and cone jellys."

As newly arrived coast residents Archie Evans knew this would be something his family would enjoy.

"Oh, we liked it," says the D'Iberville resident. "You can't beat it. It gives us a chance to get out and see some things, see some different things. We've only been here 3 months."

But what they've seen on this day, is something park officials say even lifelong residents might overlook without these tours.

"Well, I'm very biased," says Wildy. "We love doing these and the fun thing about them is they can get out on a boat and explore a bayou. You don't have to own a boat. You can get out and explore."

Exploration that the Gulf Islands staff believes leads to education and appreciation for the little things and the big things, mother nature has to offer.