Pass Christian Day Care Center Closes

The daycare opened in October 2005.

"Right after the storm, there was no child care, and Save the Children was first and foremost in getting out there and supporting, and making sure that there was a safe and appropriate place for children to be," says daycare director Rebecca Dickensauge.

The facility provided just that for dozens of children over the past 13 months, but funds for the day care dwindled over time.

"The budget is only so large. The budget is handled by Save the Children, and the funds were running out," says Ward 1 Alderman Lou Rizzardi.

"Also another factor in making that decision is that there is ample childcare available for parents. It's not directly within the city of Pass Christian but it's within five miles. There's plenty of childcare available," Dickensauge says.

"This is a mixed blessing. I'm sad to see it go because I've been involved with it, but also it's an opportunity to get back what was here. These grounds were ballfields, and of course, out of necessity, we built what we did here," Alderman Rizzardi says.

Rizzardi said the ballfields are expected to be restored by spring of next year.