Record Breaking Growth In Biloxi

It's a message of growth on display in windows throughout Biloxi. A sound of success that's grown louder and quicker than anyone ever expected.

Biloxi City Spokesperson Vincent Creel says, "They're showing confidence here in Biloxi, the business sector as well as the residential sector. It's not all about casino's and condo's."

The amount of confidence they've shown in the past fiscal year, says Creel, is remarkable.

Creel says, "Over the past 10 years, we would issue for new homes about 145 permits a year. Last year we issued 632 permits for new homes. Now understand this, we're not talking about storm repairs. We issued 4 thousand permits for commercial and residential construction for storm repair."

Over that same 10 year period, Creel says they averaged about 80 new commercial permits a year. Last year he says that number was 312.

"It's shows Biloxi is on the way back in a big way. It also helps enhance our tax base, so that we can work to keep taxes low for everybody in the city."

It's a rebound Creel admits was desperately needed following Katrina.

"We lost 6 thousand homes and businesses. We knew we were going to have to ramp up. And we're just proud the residents are showing the encouraging signs that they're showing."

And he says even with rising insurance and construction cost, the signs of encouragement remain on the horizon.

"Whenever you consider that only about a quarter of the homeowner grants have come through so far and we've seen quadruple the number of new homes under construction in Biloxi, that just bodes really good for us here in Biloxi," says Creel.