Gulfport Considering Annexation

Someone wants to turn 147 acres of land, into hundreds of new homes. But first, they want the land to become part of the city of Gulfport. The request thrilled City Administrator David Nichols.

"It says volumes for the city. It says we're friendly for development. Developers want to be in the city. The developers see it as a no brainer, and we do, too. It would be a lot of tax base come to the city of Gulfport."

Nichols adds, Gulfport already has water and sewer lines available.

"Our water and sewer is adjacent to it, we'd have to supply them water and sewer anyway."

But that's what bothers Ward 7 Councilwoman Barbara Nalley. She says homes annexed by Gulfport in 1994 are still waiting for water and sewer.

"We have an obligation to them before we take on more areas, so I would have a problem until we can provide water and sewer to everybody."

Fire and Police protection are also a concern for Nalley.

"Because when we annex that property immediately we have to provide police and fire protection."

David Nichols doesn't see that as a problem.

"We got to currently provide fire service to that area anyway, so why not collect the revenue off them to provide the fire service."

Annexed or not, Nichols says the project will happen -- and when it does, he hopes it will be within city limits.

The Gulfport City Council will address the annexation issue at their next meeting on Tuesday, November 7. If four council members vote in favor of it, the annexation proposal will then go to the Chancery Court for approval.