A Hero's Welcome For The 1108th AVCRAD

Thursday night in Gulfport there was a lot to celebrate.  About 100 servicemen and women returned home to a hero's welcome.

It was an emotional homecoming for the members of the 1108th AVCRAD.  They have spent the past year serving their country in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait. Loved ones were anxiously awaiting their return.

Welcome back signs filled with messages of love and support could be found just about everywhere you looked. The plane touched down a little before eight o'clock Thursday night at the Air National Guard Base in Gulfport.

When the moment arrived, and the soldiers finally got off the plane, there was no shortage of hugs, smiles and tears as the soldiers reunited with their families.

One member of the 1108th AVCRAD says, "It's wonderful. It's been a long year. I'm estatic to see my family they have grown quite a bit. We had a great flight and to see the crew when we came back it was just overwhelming. It's great! It's wonderful!"

According to Captain Mike Rainey of the 1108 AVCRAD Unit, the soldiers will have to go to Camp Shelby for about three to four days for demobilization. During this process, the soldiers will complete paper work to change their active duty status back to National Guard Status.

Afterwhich, moms, dads, husbands, wives, sons, daugthers, brothers and sisters can finally come back home to their families.