Sheriff's Department Offers Free Car Seats To Keep Kids Safe

The U.S. Department of Transportation reports one out of every five kids between the ages of four and eight are not properly restrained when riding in a car. "Operation Tighten Up" could change that.

Hundreds of booster seats are being shipped to Harrison County law enforcement agencies. Families in need of a safety seat can go to their local law enforcement office and ask for one.

Harrison County Sheriff George Payne says its just one way officers can get people to follow the safety rules of the road.

"We've got to continuously reinforce to people that you've got to buckle up. If you've got a child in the car, then that child better be strapped in. If not, the highway patrol is here, the Chief of Biloxi, the Chief of Long Beach, Gulfport is in route. You've got a good chance of getting a ticket," Sheriff Payne said.

Sheriff Payne says there will also be checkpoints throughout Harrison County and safety awareness programs in schools to remind people to buckle up.