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Apartment Controversy Has Neighbors Angry In Orange Grove

Arlene Butler and her husband were shocked when they found out someone wanted to build an apartment complex across from their home.

"I nearly fell over, I mean there's no way. The size project they have proposed over there, that is a major safety factor."

With possibly 300 new families moving to the area, the Butlers worry traffic would become even more of a problem, especially for children who walk to nearby Lyman Elementary school.

"You have all these children every morning and every afternoon that have to walk up and down Old Highway 49 here and there's no sidewalks and traffic is terrible."

Another concern is drainage, something the Butlers already struggle with anytime it rains.

"If they put all that asphault over there, that water's going to go somewhere, which will be right into our homes."

Ward 7 Councilwoman Barbara Nalley agrees with Butler's concerns. She just recently learned about the proposed apartments, and hopes to find a compromise with the builders.

"I firmly believe in growth and development and we're not going to be able to stop it, but I certainly believe we can have smart growth. We can have developments that do take into consideration what the citizens who live there presently want to see happen."

Butler simply hopes the developer will consider changing his plan.

"We hope to change his mind and to put in single family homes over there, and not do a project of this size. This isn't a low-income neighborhood. This is moderately priced homes, and we want to keep that standard in this area, and that's all we ask."

Barbara Nalley says the City Council will have to approve the recent zoning change for the property. She says that could happen in about three weeks.

by Meggan Gray

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