Rebuilding Issues On The Minds Of Waveland Voters

Voters will head to the polls next week casting ballots in a number of midterm elections across the country. Here in South Mississippi, residents in Waveland will vote in the city's mayoral primary. Six candidates will be on the primary ballot on Tuesday, including the current mayor. Waveland residents say they already have a number of post Katrina issues on their minds.

"Zoning issues. I know in my neighborhood they're talking about commercializing the neighborhood, so we don't want to build a big beautiful home there only to be surrounded by businesses in a few years," Marilyn Scafidi said.

Tina Fresh lives in a neighborhood recently annexed. While she hasn't lived in the city long enough to vote in this election, Fresh has her own ideas on what she feels are the important issues facing her new city.

"Housing. Getting people places for people to rent so that they can come down here to work. Helping residents who have lost homes to get back on track and get things going."

And residents say there are enough important topics to go around.

"Infrastructure. There's some uncertainties about rebuilding," Scafidi said.

"What they're going to do as far as trash pick-up, water. Because we were supposed to get water before the storm hit and it's been pushed back. And I would like to know when they plan on extending the city water," Fresh said.

On Tuesday, from 7a.m. to 7p.m., Waveland voters will have these issues in mind as they cast their ballots in the primary. The City Clerk says voters should bring their Voter Identification Cards or something verifying who they are and where they live, such as a utility bill. She says it's also a good idea to bring a photo I.D. along with you.