God's Katrina Kitchen Settling In At New Location

The move from Pass Christian to Camp Avenue in Gulfport hasn't been easy for God's Katrina Kitchen volunteers.

"It's been a very lengthy process getting everything done. For the past month, we've been basically been moving supplies, moving the kitchen, moving office, bunk houses, RVs. And, pretty much, we've got the majority of it," volunteer leader Vicki Weesner said.

But the new camp still has some obstacles to overcome. It has no power or running water.

"Basically we've learned to adapt by doing first response and disaster relief. You learn that sometimes you don't always have the conveniences. So we've gone back to operating on generators for our power."

Despite the challenges, the dedicated workers continue to provide three meals a day for the community- feeding and housing the dozens of volunteers who are here to help us rebuild after Katrina.

Edward Austin and his family enjoy the meals every day.

"There are so many things these people have done in the Pass, and I believe they will do the same good here for Gulfport that they've done over there. I firmly believe that."

Austin lives near the new camp site, and hopes city leaders will allow it to stay.

"I feel that they'd be making a major mistake - both for the economy of the city as well as for the good of the people - if they didn't allow Katrina's Kitchen to stay."

With only two months granted in Gulfport, and one month spent moving, volunteer leader Vicki Weesner says they're just now getting started on their mission in Gulfport.

"I just pray that the City of Gulfport, as well as the City Council and the individuals that need to make that decision, will see that we are just getting set up here. We have a lot of good that we can do here."

Volunteers with God's Katrina Kitchen say they're ready to stay in south Mississippi, as long as they are needed.