Jackson County To Build New Community Park

A new playground and community park is swinging from the drawing board to the construction phase in south Jackson County. The new 17 acre park will run along the south side of Biddix-Evans Road between the St. Andrews and Gulf Park Estates communities.

"The location of the park might be its greatest asset," said District Five Supervisor John McKay. "It will be a short drive for families in the St. Andrews, Fontainebleau, and Gulf Park communities. We started this project two years ago. Its opening will come at a perfect time for the recovery process in this area."

The park is being made possible through a land donation from the developer of the South Point subdivision. The Board of Supervisors officially acquired the land at the Oct. 23 meeting and has dedicated $165,000 towards construction.

Before work begins, the property will be surveyed to map out the exact location of several wetland spots.

County crews are expected to begin ground work in November with the park's first entrance off Elm Street. McKay says the park should be ready by spring 2007.

"We are planning to have a children's playground, a large open field and a walking track. We are still is the planning stages of what the park will offer, where everything in going to go; and we still need a name. I'm looking forward to getting some residents' feedback on future plans for the park," McKay said.

Residents with suggestions for the new park should call (228) 769-3378.