CNN's Nancy Grace Helps Rebuild Biloxi Homes

Nancy Grace has tried her hand at hosting television shows, writing a book, and working as a prosecutor.  But construction is one job she has never done.

"They did not teach laying insulation and putting up sheet rock in law school," Nancy Grace said with a laugh. "But I've got a crash course in it."

Grace is dressing down this week, and getting a bit dirty to help rebuild flooded homes in Biloxi.

"I'm proud to say I laid about half of the insulation, and I'm very proud," said Grace.

Grace came to Biloxi, mainly for personal reasons.

"As I covered Katrina every night, my heart just broke," Grace said. "So when I got the opportunity to come down and help with the rebuilding effort, I took vacation and came down with my church."

And every person she meets, brings deeper meaning to her relief mission.

"It's sad," Grace said. "People that I'm sure want to come home and cannot. Like the houses we've been working on. A lot of them are family homes."

Grace and her team of volunteers are also working on three other houses along Fayard St.  While she's in Biloxi, Grace is interviewing storm survivors and volunteers, and plans to share their inspiring stories with the rest of the country.

"I agreed to run a few shows in our 8 PM eastern hour," said Grace. "It's to remind everyone that the damage of Katrina is not through yet."

By using her celebrity status to raise awareness, Grace hopes to leave her mark on South Mississippi.

"Each crew that comes signs the house," Grace said.  As she pointed to a stud, Grace said "Here's where I signed and our whole crew.  We want to give it our blessing as best as we can."

The storm stories are scheduled to air on "Nancy Grace - CNN Headlines News" during Thanksgiving week and Christmas. By the way, the volunteers are members of Christ United Methodist Church of New York.