Bikers Collect Toys For Needy Kids At Christmas

When you think of a motorcycle club you probably think of tough men in leather and chains riding through town causing trouble. But Sunday, the Asgard Motorcycle Club set out to do what it has for the past 17 prove that even bikers have big hearts.

About 500 men and women hopped on their hogs for a ride across all three coastal counties. The two hour ride ended at the Knights of Columbus in Biloxi where the bikers unloaded dozens of toys.

"There's a lot of kids that doesn't have anything for Christmas and they need it and it helps them get through the rest of the year," Pancho Karnes said.

The 17th annul Toys for Tots Charity Motorcycle Run is a chance for bikers to get together and do what they love best while collecting toys for needy kids at Christmas.

"You know where the toys are going, you know what the purpose is for and it just, it does your heart good to see all the toys go to the kids," Larry Symington said.

Catholic Services will distribute the toys to needy families in five coast cities. This year, organizers say there are even more children in need because of layoffs and plant closings. And so, they were more than happy to see the motorcycle club roll up.

"It was absolutely awesome," said Sister Rebecca Rutkowski, the executive director for Catholic Social and Community Services.  "And the bikes just kept coming and coming and coming. These men and women have generous hearts and generous spirits and I can't say enough good things about them."

The Asgards say the toy run is not only fun and good for the kids, it also helps them combat their bad boy image.

"The perception that most of the community has is most bikers are bad people, but they don't realize that we have doctors, lawyers, judges, just people from all walks of life that have the same purpose in ride a motorcycle and have a good time and do good things for the community if possible," Symington said.