PGA Golfers Prove It Pays To Play For Habitat

"I'm playing okay because it's a day off, so the score doesn't matter," one PGA pro golfer said.

On Monday, PGA pros and local players both put their best swing forward for Habitat for Humanity.

"Roughly $900 of each $1,000 will go to Habitat for Humanity, and that is to buy lots in Biloxi. And 84 Lumber is providing all the materials to build the homes on those lots," Shell Landing General Manager Kenny Hughes said.

Eighteen members of the PGA tour and 60 amateurs enjoyed the beautiful weather, while Habitat for Humanity enjoyed a $60,000 check.

"We seldom get the opportunity to see very, very good PGA professionals and we were fortunate to have one of the best on our team today, Joe Durant. It was a pleasure, a lot of fun," Signal International's Ron Schoor said.

The tournament was a chance for players to meet PGA stars and raise money for rebuilding, but they weren't the only ones honored to be here. One pro said he's in awe of a different group of people.

"We're having the fun, but we're having fun trying to provide for people who have gone through a very tough stretch in their lives the past year," PGA golfer Woody Austin said.

And what better way for golf pros and business pros to provide for others?

"I can't go catch a pass for Michael Vick, there's no way. I can't play with Michael Jordan. But we can play golf on the same course, court, field, whatever you want to call it, and still enjoy the game. Through that, we're able to do things. Our little bit, hopefully, will be able to help somebody," PGA golfer Jim Gallagher, Jr. said.

Habitat representatives say that with Monday's donation, they will be able to purchase lots for four homes in Biloxi. They are currently working with the city to select the lots, and will use donated wood from 84 Lumber to put up the homes. Construction is expected to begin in January.