Need For Generosity Extends Past Thanksgiving

One hot meal a day, that's what Roy Selph counts on everyday from Our Daily Bread soup kitchen.

"Everyday, everyday. I much as I can," he said.

But finding a spot to sit is getting a little harder for Roy. The kitchen's manager BJ Broome says, there has been a steady increase in the number of families, especially children, needing food in recent weeks.

"There is an ever increasing need on an everyday basis here because of the lay off situation," Broome said. "It's the trickle down effect, and it's affecting us here."

A little prayer and hot dogs are on today's menu. Hot dogs are substituting for turkey because the Thanksgiving day crowds were so big, nothing was left over. Almost 2,300 people showed up for a meal, the kitchen's busiest day ever.

"When we got the grand total, it was totally overwhelming for everybody in the building," Broome said. "We didn't know the need was that great."

It takes 18 industrial size cans of vegetables, fruits, and cheese, along with 20 bags of macaroni noodles to make it through one normal day at the Our Daily Bread soup kitchen. Most of this is made possible through food donations.

"Now days, it's more people coming in with less donations coming in. But thank God we are able to stretch what we got. That stretch is expected to continue through the holiday season and into next year."

All types of donations are accepted at Our Daily Bread, but the manager says canned foods or bread donations are really needed. The kitchen is located on Old Mobile Highway in Pascagoula and is open six days a week.

By Ken Flanagan

Online Producer Glenn Cummins