Retailers, Shoppers Say Christmas Spending Hasn't Changed

"I'm not too concerned about the economy," holiday shopper Kenneth Guess said. "It seems to me that things are going to be fine. The more we worry about it, the worse it will be, so I'm not going to be concerned about it."

He's not alone. Retailers say even in the weeks before Thanksgiving, sales were good. Edgewater Village and Edgewater Mall where full of shoppers, all looking for a bargain and a parking spot.

"We're actually doing well through the holidays," retailer James Morgan said. "There was a wonderful turnout with the mall today. I had to look for a parking space at eight this morning."

He isn't alone. Fellow retailer Toni Dennis says sales have been fairly even all year. "We have actually done quite well, even since September the 11th.

Any lingering fear or apprehension didn't keep shoppers home the day after Thanksgiving.

"Because of the terrorist threats and that kind of thing, yeah, I was a little nervous, didn't want to be in a crowded place, but everything is fine," Guess said. "Everybody seems to be happy. They're in the Christmas spirit, so everything's okay.

The American way of life is continuing as normal. The time for spending and giving is upon us, and just like the Grinch found out, nothing can stop Christmas from coming.

"I don't think it will stop anybody," shopper Derick Townsend said. "Christmas is Christmas. You can't stop Christmas."

By Rebecca Powers

Online Producer Glenn Cummins