Pascagoula Firefighters Help Raise Money For Burn Victims

"Mississippi Burn Camp a dollar a ticket,"  one Pascagoula firefighter said.

A group of Pascagoula firefighters gathered in front Super Wal-Mart Sunday for a special cause.

They're using a raffle to raise money and to lift the spirits of children living with severe burns.

"It is sad to see somebody that has been burned on 90 to 95 percent of their body," firefigther Scott Andrews said.

"It is something I definitely do not want to go through, my heart goes out to them because  it is hard, and a lot of pain that they have to go through," firefighter Jacob Latch said.

Firefighters will use the money collected here to send children to the Mississippi Burn Camp in Kosciusko, a place dedicated to making life better for young burn victims.

"Emotionally it is definitely going to bring them up, and give them a better outlook on stuff they have to go through from now to they finish their recovery, it is just a way to help," Latch said.

The camp was founded in 1996 and is funded solely through donations, and there's plenty of fun to go around.

Activities at the camp include canoeing, swimming, horseback riding, just to name a few.

"Kids want to be out playing and stuff, and when they can't it hurts them. This is just giving them the opportunity to do stuff they would not normally do because of their injuries."

That's why Moss Point resident Virginia Bradley and her daughters donated to the cause.

Bradley says just giving a dollar can go along way.

"I had a friend who had a son who was burned in a house fire, and he goes to Houston all the time to get skin graphs and stuff," Bradley said.

" I think it is great that he can go to a place where kids have a also been burned, where he is not being picked on and actually have fun," she said.

"What is a dollar it is so easy to give a dollar," Latch said.

The firefighters raised more than two thousand dollars for young burn victims.

Some of the prizes raffled off today included an A-T-V Helmet, a free oil change, fishing rods and even cash prizes.