Congregation Holds Weekend Fair To Help Rebuild Church

Who can resist a fair?

Especially one that means so much to the Waveland community.

St. Clare member, Myra Roth, says it's just what she needed.

"It's heartwarming, you know? We all need it. It's uplifting," she said.

Uplifting for all ages, whether they were children enjoying whirling rides or parents searching for a way to help rebuild what was lost.

"People have been very, very supportive. They're here because it's for St. Clare's," said St. Clare parisioner Penne Rappold.

A sentiment shared by Father Cuddy.

"They're determined to rebuild St. Clare, and their determination is witnessed in the crowds we've seen here yesterday and today," he said.

Just as the fun and games were beginning Sunday, Father Cuddy was celebrating mass under a tent.

It's St. Clare's temporary home.

A home parishoners are glad to have.

"It's very different, but it's beautiful. It's church. You go in and you feel like you're in church," Roth said.

Mike Saxer also goes to St. Clare Church.

He's simply glad to have a home.

"Of course the surroundings are different, but at least we're home, so that's nice. It will be great to have brick and mortar instead of a tent, make things a little more comfortable," said Saxer.

And thanks to the contributions of those who participated in the St. Clare fair, church members are one step closer to rebuilding their church.

Father Cuddy has faith it will one day happen.

"The process of rebuilding is going to be slow, but it's going to happen. It's maybe going to happen more on God's time rather than our own, but God's on our side. We'll do fine," said Father Cuddy.