Biloxi Gets A New Park & Playground With A Unique Quality

There's a new park in Biloxi for everyone to come out and enjoy.

The Biloxi Lion's Club dedicated the Lopez Park Saturday afternoon in downtown Biloxi.

Club members say it's a park that offers something unique for all children to enjoy.

It's one of the only parks specially designed for people with disabilities along the coast.

Now, all children can play without obstacles.

Biloxi Lion Club member and parent Suzette Duhe says the new Lopez Park and playground is sure to please both parents and kids alike.

"I think once they see it they'll really like it. It's in a nice neighborhood area it's right behind the police station so it's probably the safest park in the city," says Duhe.

A $50,000 grant from the International Association of Lion's Club, helped make the park a reality.

Lions Club international director, Howard Jenkins, says he was just glad to see it finally take shape.

"It was a great privilege for us to be able to provide that extra money so they could go ahead and get this park built. It was a dream of theirs for many years and I'm just happy to see it's been completed now," says Jenkins.

But it also took a lot of local help as well.

onations from citizens and sponsorships from businesses helped the Biloxi Lion's club raise an additional $25,000 to help build the new park and playground.

Club members say the park will be an ideal place to bring kids from the See and Sun Camp to play.

The club hosts the See and Sun camp each year for one weekend in May for children with disabilities.

The kids who came out to enjoy the park Saturday had no problem saying what they liked best about their new playground.

"The swings," says Philip Miller.

"The rockwall because you get to practice climbing, the swings because I don't know they're just fun to me," says Alyssa Rodolfich.

It was about four years in the making. But from the looks on kid's faces as they tested out their new playground, it was worth the wait.