Dolphin Recovering Well In Gulfport, But Needs A Name

He's going to make it. That's the latest progress report on the young dolphin being nursed back to health in Gulfport.

After a week of care at the Institute of Marine Mammal Studies, the two-year-old male is now eating well.

Moby Solangi, the director of the institute says the dolphin will need to spend another 30 days under close observation, but his recovery is progressing well. So well, in fact Solangi says it's time to find a name for the little guy.

"The animal is doing great. It's eating on its own now, it's swimming very well. It's still on antibiotics, but it's doing great," Solangi said.

"This dolphin is from Louisiana and we're asking people to help come up with a name. We couldn't come up with one on our own."

Solangi says if you have an idea for a good name, just send them an email. Click here to email the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, or visit their website,