Volunteers Build New Playground At I. G. Levy Park

Dozens of volunteers in Pascagoula didn't let Friday's rain stop them from building a new playground at I. G. Levy Park.

"Water dripping in your face, it makes everything slippery," volunteer Terry Waltman said.

But the weather didn't rain on the volunteers' determination to get a new play area ready for neighborhood youngsters.

"Everybody's got to volunteer and help the community out. Especially after Katrina, we have to come together and make all this stuff work," Waltman said.

"The original playground was put in place with Land & Water Conservation funds in 1980, and it no longer met specifications for safety or accessibility, and it was put in specifically for kids with disabilities," Recreational Director Darcie Crew said.

Thanks to a $200,000 from Chevron, and the man power from dedicated volunteers, children in Pascagoula will now have a new play palace.

"When they first walk up, there's a boat and that keeps it with the Adventure Island theme - the original name of the playground," Crew said.

"There will be another structure that will have climbing pieces on it that are similar to a rock wall."

Volunteers like Budd Harmon are looking past today's work, concentrating on tomorrow's play.

"Oh yeah, I will be out here with my daughter," Harmon said.

"It has put a smile on my face. I can not wait to play on it," Crew said.

There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony for the I.G. Levy Park Project in November.