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Moss Point Alderman Resigns Amid Federal Fraud Charges

Moss Point Alderman Al Bodden made it official Friday - he will resign his Ward Six post December 7th.  That's same the day Bodden goes back to federal court to answer federal fraud charges. 

"People know what's going on, we're not trying to hide anything," Bodden told WLOX's Keli Rabon Friday. 

After serving Moss Point for the last 16 months, Al Bodden is resigning from the city's Board of Alderman.

"I actually turned in the rough draft yesterday and signed the final draft today for my letters of resignation to the mayor and to the board. It will become effective December 7th," Bodden said.    

Bodden said he's been struggling with whether keep his Ward Six post while he defends himself against federal fraud charges. A six count federal indictment accuses Bodden of identity theft, witness tampering and multiple counts of bank fraud. All are in connection with his former auto business.

"I accept responsibility for everything that happened with the dealership," Bodden said.     

If convicted on all charges, Bodden faces more than 200 years in prison and more than $6 million in fines.

Despite the uncertainty in his personal life, Bodden said he's worked to meet his obligation to his constituents.

"My goal was to never have a meeting go through where someone wasn't sitting in that chair. That was very important to me," Bodden said.

Because of the ongoing legal investigation surrounding his business, Bodden couldn't speak in depth about the charges he's facing.

Bodden is scheduled to appear in federal court in Gulfport for a hearing on Dec. 7. The city will hold a special election to fill the position, but the date has not yet been finalized.

By Keli Rabon

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