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Appliance Donations Light Up Lives in South Mississippi

Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators. Those are just some of the appliances that have been on the wish list of many Katrina victims for more than a year. The group Mississippi Home Again made some of those wishes come true Thursday for residents of Magnolia Park Apartments in Gautier.

"It's been over a year, you know, and I never expected I would be getting help from them," Mellie Parker said.  

"We all know what it's like to have a bad day. But what's this, 423 days after Katrina? Something like that? That's a lot of bad days in a row. How are you supposed to get though that without any help?" Annie Card, founder of Mississippi Home Again, asked.  

And if help comes in the form of large brown boxes, Card and her group hit the jackpot.

"We picked up four or five washer dryer sets. Then we had a little more room, so we got a couple of stoves and a refrigerator," Card said.

While unloading much needed appliances across the coast is welcomed by all recipients, Card says it's not just about the gifts her organization gives. In fact, the feeling she gets back is priceless.

"Everyone who volunteers knows, what you get back is huge. It's not why you start doing it. But it's definitely what keeps you going," Card said.

And while the spirit of volunteering keeps organizations like Mississippi Home Again delivering box after box, it will also help keep people like Parker from making out of town trips to the laundromat. 

"I used to have to do it in Pascagoula, my laundry. Now I can do it in Gautier with my washer and dryer," Parker said.    

If you have appliances, or are in need of some, Mississippi Home Again is always looking for people to help out and those who need help. To learn more about their group, visit their website at

by Keli Rabon

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