Biloxi Police Chief Investigator Heads To Vicksburg


Officials say a second high-ranking officer with the Biloxi Police Department is coming to Vicksburg to take over the deputy chief post. Vicksburg's mayor and aldermen voted to hire Richard O'Bannon during a closed session Monday.

He'll replace Mitchell Dent and Jack Dowe, who will reportedly return to their previous positions as captains.

Police Chief Tommy Moffett was sworn in last month to head the Vicksburg department after his retirement as chief in Biloxi.

Moffett said he wanted a new deputy chief from outside the department to help change the perception of favoritism within the department.

O'Bannon has worked in the Biloxi Police Department for about 27 years and is retiring before taking his new position. His last position was chief investigator.

Moffett said O'Bannon is ``a good leader and well versed in the law.''