Fewer Passengers Are Using Airports This Thanksgiving

Stephanie Raderstorf and 13 family members flew to the coast for a Thanksgiving dinner, and a 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

Because of September 11, the family had some concerns about their flight from Chicago to Gulfport. But, Raderstorf said, "We just said 'put our faith in God' and got on the plane."

Angela and Bob Cordell were also on the flight to Gulfport. The New Jersey couple flew south to spend Thanksgiving with a new grandchild. Angela Cordell said, "It was definitely well worth it. But there was apprehension."

The Cordells were in Maui when the World Trade Center collapsed. She said their flight home was tense. "But my husband flies a lot," she said. "And I felt like if he trusts the airlines, I do."

The day before Thanksgiving is usually a busy day at the nation's airports. But since the World Trade Center and Pentagon disasters, air travel has slowed down.

The Fairleys noticed how quiet the airport seemed when the Moss Point family checked in for a flight to St. Louis. "That's what I just told my husband," Gabrielle Fairley said. "It's not very busy, not like I thought it would be."

Because of tighter airport security, the Moss Point family had its luggage randomly searched. But it didn't have to deal with the long lines normally associated with a Thanksgiving trip. And Mrs. Fairley said that make it easier for her to calm her nerves.

"I like to fly," she said. "So you just say your prayers and hope for the best. Hope you have a safe trip."