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Officials: Meth Lab Found In Pascagoula FEMA Trailer

Two people are under arrest in Pascagoula, accused of turning their FEMA trailer into a meth lab. Authorities arrested Jason Nelson and Javonne Buza at their home Monday afternoon.

"Upon arrival, whenever they made contact with the people living in the FEMA trailer, they found what appeared to be evidence of a meth lab," Jackson County Narcotics Task Force Commander Curtis Spiers said.  

The trailer on Pineview Street was not only a post-Katrina home to Jason Nelson and Javonne Buza, officials say it was also a meth lab.

"It's total chaos. They just completely destroy the trailers. And the whole trailer is contaminated now because the lab was here," Spiers says.     

It all started last week when, according to officials, FEMA stopped by the trailer for a routine inspection. They were turned away. Authorities with the Jackson County Narcotics Task Force say FEMA, believing suspicious activity was going on inside, contacted the authorities. Monday afternoon, FEMA, together with Pascagoula Police and Narcotics Task Force officers went back to trailer. Inside, they found a laundry list of items commonly used to make meth.

"Different types of camp fuel, as well as acetone, denatured alcohol, and common table salt, as well as rock salt, ammonium nitrate fertilizer. If you have a case of Sudafed or 24 bottles of Red Devil, you have something bigger than a drain problem or something bigger than a cold," Spiers says. 

Spiers says all the products are common household items. In fact, he says, creating methamphetamine is easy. It's just like following a recipe to bake a cake.     

While authorities say discoveries of meth labs are on the decline in Jackson County, paying attention to your surroundings, Spiers says can help authorities reduce the problem even further.

"It could be next door to you, it could be in a rural part of the county. We're typically made aware of it either from some sort of disturbance or some type of odd smell in a neighborhood. Any type of strong smell, we strongly suggest you call law enforcement," Spiers says.

Nelson and Buza are both charged with felonies for possession and manufacturing meth.   Officials say there's also evidence a young child lived in the trailer as well, resulting in charges of child endangerment. That charge has not yet been filed.  

Nelson was already on probation for possession of a controlled substance. This was Buza's first offense.

By Keli Rabon

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