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Car Plows Into Students At Bus Stop, Injuring Six

"I got a cut on my bone," Timothy Sims said as he showed a deep cut on his leg.

Sims learned a painful lesson about being in the wrong place, at the wrong time Monday morning.

"I go to the bus to catch my bus and all of a sudden I saw this dude across the street trying to fight," said Sims.

Sims says the fight at a bus stop on Bonita Drive was between a teenager and a Gulfport student. Sims says he saw the student grab a stick.

"He got a stick or something, and just started swinging," Sims said. "So he hit the dude and the dude came outside and started whooping him right there, and the next thing I know his sister came and just ran us all over. Oh yeah, I was kind of scared."

Police say the woman behind the wheel was 18-year-old Kreshanda Pruitt. They say she's the sister of the Gulfport student involved in the fight.

When asked what went through his mind when he saw the car coming at him, Sims answered "I don't know. Move. Get out of the way."

"Somehow, she was notified of that altercation," said Assistant Gulfport Police Chief Alfred Sexton. "And then for whatever reason, led her to drive that vehicle, striking six juveniles. This is very unusual. It's very bizarre."

The six victims were taken to Gulfport Memorial Hospital to be treated mainly for cuts and bruises. Of those six, one does not attend school, one goes to school in Harrison County, and the other four attend classes in Gulfport.

Timothy Sims missed classes for the day. He's waiting for his injured leg to heal, and hoping for a calmer morning tomorrow.

"I'm going to school in the morning, that's all," Sims said.

Kreshanda Pruitt was arrested at her Gulfport home shortly after the incident. She's in the Harrison County Jail under a $100,000 bond.

By: Trang Pham-Bui

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